Update on proposed speed limit reduction – Studley Crossroads

Update on proposed speed limit reduction – Studley Crossroads

Update on proposed speed limit reduction – Studley Crossroads 150 150 Katherine Checchia

A4 Studley Crossroads Speed Limit Reduction – proposed Traffic Regulation Orders


Wiltshire Council has now published the draft Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) for Studley Crossroads. These proposed orders will:


  • Reduce the Speed Limit from 50mph to 40mph through Studley Crossroads, between the village “gates” to the west of Studley Lane to a point 193m east of Studley Lane (north).
  • Introduce a new Speed Limit of 50mph to the east this section to a point just west of Norley Lane.


These proposals are now out to public consultation and can be viewed here: https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/article/8482/TRO-Consultation-for-A4-New-Road-Studley-Calne-Without-40mph-and-50mph-Speed-Limit


Comments can be returned to Wiltshire Council at trafficorderconsultations@wiltshire.gov.uk by a deadline of 8th January 2024.


The Parish Council has been pushing hard for a reduction in Speed Limit through Studley Crossroads, due to the uncontrolled staggered junction, the presence of a Toucan crossing and bus stops, and the high numbers of pedestrians and cyclists crossing the road, all contributing to the high incidence of collisions and poor safety record.


We further support the implementation of a 50mph limit to the east of Studley Crossroads. This section has properties fronting onto the highway, as well as bus stops, turnings into the Black Dog pub/restaurant and the Derry Hill sports ground, and a junction with Old Road. It will further encourage drivers to reduce speed on the approach to Studley Crossroads.


The proposed Traffic Regulation Orders won’t be implemented without public support, so it would be helpful if residents could write in to trafficorderconsultations@wiltshire.gov.uk in support of the proposals by the deadline of 8th January.


We would have preferred these Speed Limit reductions to also cover the sections from Norley Lane east to Chilvester Hill and the from Studley Crossroads west to the A342 junction (particularly given the effect of downhill momentum on braking distances on the approach to this junction). However, the proposed changes set out in the TROs do represent an improvement and are a big step in the right direction.


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