Parish Steward

The Parish Steward scheme aims to provide solutions to the many minor needs of the roads and footways. Parishes and towns are allocated a monthly visit, with the time spent in each area dependant on its size.

Parish Stewards drive a truck that equipped with a full range of hand tools and materials to address a wide variety of minor highway defects and other tasks.

Here are some of the tasks that Parish Stewards can undertake in your communities:

  • Hand clearing and cutting of growth from drainage grips and drain gully covers.
  • Hand clearing of blocked drainage gullies, culverts, pipes and pits.
  • Clearing storm debris from the roads and footways.
  • Clearing collision debris, clinical waste etc.
  • Cleaning, re-installation and straightening of small road signs, street nameplates and bollards.
  • Installation of small road signs, verge marker posts and supplied street name plates.
  • Removal of limited graffiti from road signs, bollards and street nameplates.
  • Hand cutting of grass and vegetation in visibility areas.
  • Hand treatment of weeds in rural areas.
  • Removal of Ragwort and other noxious weeds.
  • Clearance of encroaching growth and soils from footways.
  • Repair of minor surface defects in roads and on footways.

The only limitations to a Parish Steward’s work are the capabilities of one person working alone with hand tools and a small vehicle.

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