Speed Limit on the A4 between Chippenham and Calne

Speed Limit on the A4 between Chippenham and Calne

Speed Limit on the A4 between Chippenham and Calne 150 150 Katherine Checchia

As you’ll be aware, Calne Without Parish Council has been working for some time to persuade Wiltshire Council to reduce the speed limits along the A4 between Chippenham and Calne, and particularly through Studley Crossroads.


We are pleased that, following further review, Wiltshire Council’s Highways Department have recommended that the speed limit should be reduced from 50mph to 40mph through Studley Crossroads, and from the National Speed Limit (NSL) to 50mph from Studley Crossroads back to Norley Lane. This recommendation has now been endorsed by the Calne Area Board.


We really appreciate the support of Wiltshire Councillor Ashley O’Neill with this, and particularly his effort in getting Wiltshire Council to undertake this second Speed Limit Review.


The recommendation doesn’t cover everything that we had been seeking. We are disappointed that the section from Norley Lane back to Chilvester Hill (past the exit point of the Bowood estate) will remain at the NSL. We are also very disappointed that the section from Studley Crossroads down to the A342 junction (at the bottom of Old Derry Hill) will also remain at the NSL, particularly given the effect of downhill momentum on braking distances and the hazardous nature of the junction.


Nevertheless, the proposed changes are a positive step i

n the right direction and will improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other road users through Studley Crossroads, whilst not preventing us from continuing to seek further improvements. We would like to thank all residents who provided feedback on their experiences to the Parish Council’s Road Safety Feasibility Study in support of change.


The change will require a Traffic Regulation Order to be made before implementation. This will, in turn, require a formal consultation to be undertaken by Wiltshire Council. We would be grateful if residents could engage with this future consultation process in support of the changes.




Cllr John Barnes

Chair, Calne Without Parish Council

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