Sun Edison Project Subgroup

Sun Edison Project Subgroup

Sun Edison Project Subgroup 800 500 Katherine Checchia

Calne Without Parish Council

Sun Edison Project Subgroup


A solar park has been developed in High Penn. The developer Sun Edison has provided Calne Without Parish Council with £40,000 ring-fenced for projects providing long-term benefit for the community.

Parish Council discussions on how to allocate the Fund have prompted the Council to establish a Sub Group who will recommend to the Council how the Fund should be allocated in the main areas: Community, Renewable Energy and Environmental. The Parish Council is keen for the funds to be fairly distributed throughout the residents of the parish where possible.


Review local projects to utilise the Sun Edison funding that will be of benefit to the local community of Calne Without.

  • Make recommendations on proposed projects to Council with written description and costs

Sub Group Members

There will be one Councillor from each ward (Middle, East, West, Pewsham, Sandy Lane) on the Sub Group.


The Sub Group will arrange its own meeting schedule, which will be informal in nature and will not be open to members of the public.


Progress reports should be provided monthly to Council. Where any actions are recommended, Council must ratify them. Once funding decisions have been made and voted on by the Council, the decision is final and no discussion will be entered into on the decision.

Once a grant has been made to a group, that group will not be able to reapply for any additional funding within two years of their original grant.


We will conduct several rounds of funding. The closing date for the first round will be 31st July 2015 and the second one 31st December 2015. It will subsequently, be on a quarterly basis.


Each grant application will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Location (in relation to Solar Farm)
  • Population Benefit
  • Environmental
  • Community Led
  • Outside Play
  • Young/Old
  • Match Funding
  • Countryside
  • Enduring/Legacy
  • Health & Fitness
  • Speed Management Schemes
  • Disability Assistance

Declarations of Interest

Members should declare an interest where recommendations could result in potential advantage or disadvantage, whether financial or otherwise, to them, their family or close associates.

Agreed with revision, 7th October 2015

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